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How To Hire A Painting Contractor

What are the things that are important to consider when you’re thinking about hiring a painting or drywall contractor?

✔ Affordability

✔ Guarantee

✔ Cleanliness and Efficiency


Most families and small businesses we work with are almost always concerned about affordability. At Rangers Painting and Drywall we respect the fact that our customers need to be price-conscious when doing painting and drywall projects. For that reason, we like to build relationships and work with our customers to find a price to value opportunity where we can deliver a product that meets their expectations for the price we agree upon through an extensive painting and drywall estimate


Another factor that we hear about consistently is offering a guarantee on our work. We stand behind our work 100%. If anything goes wrong with our materials or labor, we will make sure the issue is taken care of to meet the standards of what we agreed upon. How to Hire a Painter Dallas

Cleanliness and Efficiency

A big factor that we find our customers concerned about is cleanliness and efficiency during the course of completing the project. Let’s be honest, no one wants to be walking under ladders and be uncomfortable in their home for any extended period of time. Homeowners struggle with preparation and clean up after a major home improvement project. This is always an issue, especially with families who have children or working with businesses that need to keep their doors open to earn income and pay the rent.

Because of these concerns, we strive to make it as simple as possible to work with us and we keep everything clean along the way, which allows us to be more efficient and deliver a superior result. Whenever possible, we work on consecutive days throughout the project until completion to make sure our customers are not being inconvenienced unnecessarily. 

These are the major concerns that we hear about all the time, so we always try to solve these problems to benefit the customer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer FREE estimates?



We always offer free estimates for all of our painting and drywall services including complete interior and exterior residential or commercial painting, drywall installation and repair, wood repair, replacement, staining, and refinishing, as well as spray finishing, restorative cleaning, and carpentry.

How can I clean my walls to keep them looking new?

Maintenance and proper cleaning of newly painted walls is essential to keeping them looking new. To do this, you must identify what type of paint was used. The type of paint used is important because that will dictate what kind of cleaning solutions are appropriate for your particular situation. The first thing that should be done prior to any attempt to clean a wall is to dust the walls themselves. Even though it is difficult to see the amount of dust that accumulates on wall surfaces that we see every day, dust and other airborne particles constantly settle on the surface of walls.


After dusting the walls, then you may apply the appropriate cleaning solution. For example, walls painted with semi-gloss paint are generally the most durable and can usually be scrubbed without damaging the paint surface. In contrast, if you walls are stained or have flat finishes, they will need to be cared for much more delicately. If you are unsure about the proper care and maintenance of your walls, please give us a call to check with a professional.

How often do I need to paint the outside of my home or building?

The frequency of painting the exterior of your home or building depends on a number of factors. For example, the type and quality of paint or finish that is used is probably most important. If the finish was not applied with care, it may compromise the life of the paint or exterior finish. Also, the location of your property and the types of weather events and sun exposure are factors in how long a finish will last. Generally guidelines are that stucco should be painted every 5 years or so while aluminum slightly more frequently and wood siding should be painted every 3-4 years.

What is the best color to pick?

The best color to pick will depend on your specific design goals. Be aware that choosing colors well in advance of painting is a great idea, so you don't have to make any last minute decisions and you can plan for the best outcome possible. It is a good idea to paint a small sample on your walls to get a sense of what the color will look like once the painting is completed. There are more color and texture options than it is possible to list here! Visiting your favorite paint supply or home improvement store is a great place to start!

How much will I pay to paint the exterior of my home or business?

Painting is definitely not a one size fits all activity and can depend on many factors. For example, the cost of the paint materials is one of the main factors as well as the difficulty of the paint location and current condition of the surfaces to be painted. If the current surfaces are cracked or need other repairs, that will also add to the cost. For these reasons, there is no general rule of thumb for what it may cost to paint any given project. However, we offer free estimates and never begin working on a project without prior approval of the client.

How much will I pay to paint the interior of my home or business?

The cost to paint the interior of your property s dependent on many factors, much like the cost to paint the exterior of property. These factors also include the level of preparation, the condition of the interior of your property and whether or not there is any damage or drywall that needs to be replaced, if their is any water damage, or if you wish to remove older finishes such as popcorn ceilings, and many other factors. We do offer free estimates and never begin working on a project without prior approval of the client.

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